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Profile: Sailor Teikaen by MahouChikara Profile: Sailor Teikaen by MahouChikara
Hmmm for some reason; all week I've been fixing and tweeting bit by bit for my Superus and now this is the 2nd reference. I'll might have to do full bodies next time for each different forms. So for starters; I've done my favorite from the team; Teikaen. As you can see here, this features Teikaen's three different identities. 

Also in case if u wanted to know; she's the one who gives Sailor Mars and Sailor Uranus's "Brillare" forms...

Ryuukiko Hiokaze  (left)
She's very confident being and loves performing. This is mostly her casual wear when she's not on the spotlight. She likes to be simple with neutral sleeveless vest with a belt to hug her curve; with any printed sleeved blouses along with skirts with pop of color *like red* and with a pair of brown ankle length boots.

Sailor Teikaen  (center)
Ryuukiko's senshi form. I have to say it; I LOVE HER FUKU!!!!!!!

Princess Yhena  (right)
This is her royal attire. Yes, in this form, she has very long hair and is loose. She's the only princess that wear hats; yes she loves to wear them. Her dress has different pieces but enjoys wearing anything with ruffles.


Name: Ryuukiko Hiokaze

Meaning: Rising Child of Flamin Wind

Nickname: Ryu

Age: 18

Birthday: July 25

Zodiac Sign:  Leo

Height: 5'4"

Blood Type: A

Hair: Chestnut; held with an red clips; pulled to her neck which feathers out

Eyes: Pine Green

Skin Tone: Fair

Likes: Performing, being on the spotlight, Coconut Shrimp

Dislikes: Competitive performers stealing her routines, Backing down on a challenge

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Gemstone: Ruby

Favorite Subject: Performing Arts

Least Favorite: Math


Ryuukiko is very enthusiastic and highly confident towards her love of performing. She can be very passionate and devoting towards everyone; especially to her fans. As a performer; she shows her true personality on stage; daring and feisty. She always sets her heart on pleasing with graceful and yet wild routines which always admire her skills.

With Mukeiko; she always is a helping hand and shows her guidance on how to control her behavior before she reverts to her true colors. Her feeling towards her team mates remains the same but mostly gets along with Assaku due to needing help with fashion.




Mother: Touji Hiokaze

Father: Kao Hiokaze



Circus Partner:   Kasaiku


Occupation: Circus Performer

Crush: Mukeiko Shinsei


Only child of circus parents and is proud of what she has become. Her mother was an animal tamer and her father; a knife thrower whom she admires alot. At a young age; she had a talent like her father and always wanted to try becoming an performer like he was. As years went on; her parents retired and wanted Ryuukiko to reside a normal life rather than on the spotlight, but she denied as she told her parents the decision she made. On which that’s something she wanted to do and never backs down when sets her heart and mind on. Her parent respected her wish and from there on is accompanied by a guy named Kasaiku as she said her goodbyes.

She currently lives with Kasaiku whom she's trained under and also her partner in routines. She respect and admires him, but soon realizes his feelings towards her are strong but reacts calmly. On that faithful day; Ryuukiko had her chance to relax but discovers an injured woman clutching her dog. She approaches them but soon realize the woman named Mukeiko was totally in raged. Ryuukiko comforted her which eventually soften Mukeiko's behavior which the connection between the two grew.

As weeks passed by; the two women grew closer and from now on, Ryuukiko always does in any way she can to help Mukeiko and offers her to work alongside with her and Kasaiku. Ryuukiko eventually surprises Mukeiko a companion; a dog named Shimo.



Sailor Soldier:


Sailor Name: Sailor Teikaen

Introduction: "My blades guide me the way and you shall witness its skills! The superu soldier; Sailor Teikaen."

Power: Fire "Primary" and Wind "Secondary"

Symbol: Shown in pic

Transformation Item: Teikaen Magic Stick

Transformation Phrase: Dual Wielder Teikaen.....Cast up!

Transformation: Ryuukiko holds the item on the left as the orb glows with the symbol engulfing in flames. Waves it around instantly; changes to the brooch as flames dances around to encase her and dies out into a gust of wind revealing Teikaen.

Weapon: Enkou Blades




Burning Ring

She'll raise her left hand to her brooch which will glow thus her right hand lowers down as the ground around her summons an ring of fire rising around her. This move will burn an enemy if they get too close or she'll instantly tosses towards them.

Enkou Igniting Shooter 

This attack is done by the Enkou Blades. She'll raise her hand over the feather on her hairclip which will release two normal blades. From there, she'll throw in one direction and one in the other direction which releases a gust of wind surrounding the enemy. As this is happening; she gets a lock on her target as her hands are over her head with summoned Enkou blades; blazing; and throws them in quick speed which will pierce through; making the wind engulfed in flames.


Teikaen is mine
Base (c) Tsuki Matsuri
Background (c) :iconnads6969:

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sailorrose92 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
I love her. I like her sailor form too.
MahouChikara Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014
Thankyou..I'm happy you do like her. She's my favorite from the team and the entertainer of the group XD
SailorSunPhoenix Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
MahouChikara Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014
next up will be Mozouiki
SailorSunPhoenix Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
LunarEmpress Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
this looks awesome ^^
MahouChikara Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014
This had to take me longer to do when it comes in doing piece by piece of different identities. Yeah sooner, I'll have to do full body for each one. Ahhh have u seen the 3rd act.
LunarEmpress Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
coolies, i cant wait to see the image and to answer your question [points to signature] 
MahouChikara Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014
hmm who knows.. I'm currently working on the reference sheet of Teikaen front and back which will include some pieces so like whenever anyone wants to do fanarts of her. I already have her henshin item and weapon in the folder. Man I just love her to bits. Makes me wonder how she'll go face to face with Mars XD

As for the Act; I just LOVE it..especially to see Rei XD She's just sooooooo gorgeous XD
sailorsilverstar Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
very cool!!! :worship:
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