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Profile: Sailor Mozouiki by MahouChikara Profile: Sailor Mozouiki by MahouChikara
2/5 of the Superus.........

Awww man, I've been working on this one for few days and I'm very proud on how it came out. Just like Teikaen's; this is Mozouiki. Your really don't want to mess around with her especially when she has attitude issues. Here; it shows u her three different identities.

Mukeiko Shinsei (left)
The most aggressive type of the group. This is mostly on what she'll wear for casual attire. An dark blazers with an loose light buttoned shirt with a pair of jeans or leggings; wears flats or sometimes knee length boots.

Sailor Mozouiki  (center)
Mukeiko's senshi form. Man so many blue she has.... XD

Princess Urra (right)
This is her royal attire. In this appearance; her hair is alittle longer to her neck and her eyes are lighter. This is what she's prefers to wear and *hates* wearing long dresses like the other princesses do.


Name: Mukeiko Shinsei/ Princess Urra


Name Meaning: Divinity of Spiritual Child


Nickname: Muu


Age: 18


Birthday: April 28


Zodiac Sign: Taurus


Height: 5'9"


Blood Type: B


Hair: Deep Blue; boy cut with messy bangs


Eyes: Storm Grey


Skin Tone: Light Tan


Likes: Animals, being submissive


Dislikes: Assaku, death, controlling her behavior


Favorite Color: Blue


Favorite Gemstone: Sapphire


Favorite Subject: Physical Education


Least Favorite: Science




Mukeiko was once a loving woman who would interact with anyone. But that changed when she witnessed an tragic event around her childhood life. This pain she helded for so long slowly made her behavoir went out of spiral and thus change her appearance when she reached her teens.

Now Mukeiko is very sharp minded and will say it when she means it. Even growing up; she shows a soft side towards animals; this occur from her past and from then on. But things that she tries to do or keeps; which eventually falls apart; affects her behavior and can lead to consquences . But that changes everything when she meets Ryuukiko. Something about this woman will make Mukeiko see that theirs a will; theirs always a way to have her behavior stable.





Mother: *Deceased*

Father: *Deceased*

Brother: Sei Shinsei *Deceased*

Pet: Dog named Sango *Deceased*



Occupation: Animal Tamer

Crush: Ryuukiko Hiokaze



Mukeiko's childhood always had a good and a bad side to it. She's the youngest and sister to older brother; Sei. Sei takes care of his sister when their parents were killed. During that time, Mukeiko had the best time with her brother whom surprised her to his job at the shelter. This always lightens her up until she spotted this young puppy and the two share a bond. Seeing this smile upon his sister; he adopted the puppy named Sango as a gift for her. Mukeiko and Sango were inseparable as the duos were growing up.

But things got turn for the worse as she got older. When arriving home after volunteering at the animal shelter; she witnessed her brother killed and Sango severally injured by an unknown being. She ran to them as it vanished; but Mukeiko lost it as she mutters her final words to her brother. After her brother's death; she became a very different person. She made it clear to track it down to avenge her brother until that is she became a target by a different attacker. She came head to head with it but got injured in the process. Sango was hanging by a thread of life after trying to attack to protect Mukeiko. She held Sango in her arms and fled to get away but thankfully the attacker gives up finding them. Again, Mukeiko's pain grew even more intense as her companion; the only thing that she only has left died in her arms. All alone and angry that this had to happen to her until she noticed a woman named Ryuukiko approaching. She literally threw her rage at her but somehow quickly soften up by just a gentle touch on the shoulder and a connection started.

Since then Mukeiko develop a trust on Ryuukiko in anyway she can help stabling her behavior and work alongside with her as a animal tamer. Later on, she gets a new dog companion; a male named Shimo; that Ryuukiko adopted for her.




Sailor Soldier:



Sailor Name: Sailor Mozouiki

Introduction: "This will be your downfall and we'll make sure of it over our cold bodies! The superu soldier; Sailor Mozouiki."

Power: Ice *Primary* ; Water *Secondary*

Symbol: Shown in pic


Transformation Item: Mozouiki Magic Stick


Transformation Phrase: "Raging Tamer Mozouiki.......Cast up!"


Transformation: Mukeiko holds the item on the left as the orb glows with the symbol engulfing in water. It swirl around as it submerges Mukeiko in a full water sphere. When that occurs, the water freezes the sphere and shatters which reveals Mozouiki.


Weapon: Touketsu Spear






Frost Wave Geysers

The symbol appears below her feet as her body reveals an blue aura; which slowly grow waves as she's powering up. While powering up; the waves expand until she throws her right hand clockwise and left hand counter clockwise; sending the waves to shoot like geysers towards the enemy.


Touketsu Fury

This attack is done by the Touketsu Spear. She'll whirl the spear around as the blade glows in an blue aura and rams it to the ground causing an rippling wave around her. The aura grows stronger which will attempt Mozouiki to release her fury; summoning massive shards at enemies. For greater damage, she can use it with Shimo which he'll howl to summon ice shards plunging to the enemy.



Mozouiki is mine
Base: Tsuki Matsuri
Background (c) :iconnads6969:
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Vyctorian Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014   General Artist
Lovely work!~
MahouChikara Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014
I'm currently working on Kyokkai
Vyctorian Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014   General Artist
You're welcome!~
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MahouChikara Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
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I know......
SailorDarkness Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice!  I love her designs and she looks awesome here!!
MahouChikara Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
awww thankyou
yeah, for some reason I really did enjoy doing her and Teikaen so far. I still say I love Teikaen's fuku than Mozouiki XD
Still have three others to work on but that will take a while though.
SailorSunPhoenix Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Awesomeness! :worship:
MahouChikara Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
next up will be Kyokkai. She's still in the works but my least favorite of the team.
SailorSunPhoenix Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
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