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CQ: Sailor Caramel by MahouChikara CQ: Sailor Caramel by MahouChikara
Yay!!!! This is the offical reference to my youngest character in the fan series "Childish Quadrant". Here you'll see her completed profile and yes this is also gonna be her offical wallpaper.

About the Girl

Introduction: "Every candy has its own sugary taste, but mine is sticky and messy. I'm the candy senshi in training Sailor Caramel! And with all my might, I shall make the galaxy proud!

Name: Karen Karumera
Name Translation: Sweet Caramel
Age: 8 years old
DOB: February 20
Hails: Toyko; moved to Osaka
Sign: Pisces
Gender: Female
Hair: Purple; picked up in braided loops on each side on her head held by ribbons
Eyes: Sky Blue; changes to Caramel brown as senshi
School: Nankadai Higashi Elementary
Grade: 3rd
Favorite Color: Yellow
Likes: Candies; hanging out with Yasashige, Caroline and Bakuto
Hates: Bullies and Ame
Favorite Food: Caramel Apples
Least Favorite: Sushi
Future Goal: Becoming a baker
Strength: Cooking and reading cook books
Weakness: Multi-tasking
Personality: Sweet girl and is easily likeable. She tends to be quite stubborn and gets frightened easily; especially when facing danger alone. However when she's around with her love ones; they give her the energy boost needed for her to move forward. She holds a heated rivalry with Ame/Sanmi whom she calls her a "Sour Head" and the two always get into pointless arguments in civilian and senshi forms. As the candy senshi Caramel, she would go and show off to her sensei Amai to prove that she is strong, but it only causes her to screw up. At one point, Karen develops a crush with Bakuto and kept it a secret from her father and the Quadrants. She doesn't know about who he really is until later on.

Karen's Background

Karen use to live in Toyko in a large mansion with her father Shitusen who owns a company of several hardware stores. Her mother Seimei died giving birth to Karen and yet her father promised to give his only child twice the love that both a father and mother can give a child. When Karen turned eight, her father decided that they move to Osaka because of his job's promotion. On her first day in Nakadai Higashi Elementary, she bumps into a girl who was two years older than her and it causes her to drop a yellow gift box. Karen wanted to give it back, but the girl smiles and tells her to keep it because she was destined to have it. Karen opened the box, revealing a heart shaped caramel brooch with colored gems. Her day then grew more confusing when a strange creature attacked the school and had the girl cornered. Yet before she was about to be killed; she was saved by a senshi named Sailor Amai. Sailor Amai then orders Karen to use the brooch. Baffled, Karen held the brooch and transform into Sailor Caramel. In her senshi form; Caramel was able to assist Amai in defeating the creature by accidently shooting an energy beam. Amai then told the young senshi that she has a lot of training to do before she can become a true sailor senshi. So from that day on, Karen became a senshi in training and the first to be recruited into the team known as the "Childish Quadrant".

About the Sailor Senshi

Senshi Name: Sailor Caramel
Title: Senshi of Dark Candy
Colors: Shades of Brown, Cold and Canary Yellow
Sailor Crystal: Canary Yellow
Realm of Influence: Dark Candies
Aura Color: Gold
Items and Weapons: Dark Candy Compact to transform into Sailor Caramel and her weapon is the Caramel Sweetener Rod. Galaxy Heart Compact is the upgraded and powered version which enables her to become Galaxy Caramel and her weapon also gets upgraded into the Galaxy's Candy Heart Staff.
Natural Abilities: Unlike Amai and Sanmi, she uses dark candies like chocolate or caramel. She so far knows how to manipulate them due to her still growing powers; she has trouble in getting her attacks to come out correctly.

Caramel's Henshin + Attacks:

Caramel Candy Make up: Karen raises the compact and shouts out her phrase. The brooch opens up revealing the crystal shining brightly on the screen as it attaches onto her chest summoning liquid-like caramel to dance around her body as it goes to each part of her to make the fuku. The screen now focuses on her face as she blinks twice to change eye color and completely form her earrings, choker and hair ribbons. She giggles with delight to strike her cute pose.

Sticky Candy Bomb: An attack she mimics after Sailor Amai's "Gum Gum Bakudan". However, she throws caramel chocolate squares at the enemy. As the enemy gets hit by it, leaves them gooey and sticky with thick layers of them.

Caramel Sweet Limit: An attack she mostly has trouble with. It’s performed with the Caramel Sweetener Rod which releases a strong Ki blast. The problem is that her powers are still developing so either it comes out as a weak shot, aiming it wrong, or doesn’t come out at all.

Galaxy Caramel's Henshin + Attack:

Sugary Galaxy Caramel Make up: Caramel's compact becomes upgraded by needing a power boost from her team. The compact's gems glow triangular to the center to engulf her inside a gold light as her 1st fuku dissolves leaving her body dark chocolate as it gradually ages her. The light dies to reveal her older powered form; Galaxy Caramel.

Galaxy’s Caramel Blaster: This is her strong attack which her weak weapon gets upgraded and it’s performed by the Galaxy’s Candy Heart Staff. The Ki blasts are released by the heart’s center of multiple blasters to the enemy which is easily painful.

*Next one up is Sailor Awa....*

Sailor Caramel is mine
Childish Quadrant & Dark Corner concept/Profile Template (c) :iconlunarempress:
Background (c) :iconyuninaoki: and Logo done by (c) :iconpurenightshade:
Base (c) Tsuki Matsuri
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