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Wedding Bride: Miyabita by MahouChikara Wedding Bride: Miyabita :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 9 8 Wedding Bride: Mikomi by MahouChikara Wedding Bride: Mikomi :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 5 4 Profile: Azurite by MahouChikara Profile: Azurite :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 6 26 Brillare Sailor Fate *Colored* by MahouChikara Brillare Sailor Fate *Colored* :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 6 2 Profile: Mikomi Yogen by MahouChikara Profile: Mikomi Yogen :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 7 14 Profile: Princess Iathea by MahouChikara Profile: Princess Iathea :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 10 14 Profile: Miyabita Soshi by MahouChikara Profile: Miyabita Soshi :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 13 20 Reference Sheet: Queen Ayase by MahouChikara Reference Sheet: Queen Ayase :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 6 3 Art Trade: Princess Lady Celestia Momoko by MahouChikara Art Trade: Princess Lady Celestia Momoko :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 10 6 Reference Sheet: Regalia Mozouiki by MahouChikara Reference Sheet: Regalia Mozouiki :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 5 18 Queen Ayase by MahouChikara Queen Ayase :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 6 5 Chibis: MagnusxOphelia by MahouChikara Chibis: MagnusxOphelia :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 6 7 Tejina Family Tree by MahouChikara Tejina Family Tree :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 6 8 Indigo meets Zidane by MahouChikara Indigo meets Zidane :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 12 14 Queen Zaara by MahouChikara Queen Zaara :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 7 29 Princess Zaara by MahouChikara Princess Zaara :iconmahouchikara:MahouChikara 10 11


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Valentine Raffle [Closed]
I've seen a lot of these recently so, why not? And I wan to draw something cute for V-day.
Winner will probably get a full-body, 'sketch' line, shaded of a couple. Maybe with a simple BG?
Second winner: half-body, 'sketch' line, shaded of a couple. Maybe with a simple BG
-I really don't have a good example for what I'm thinking of doing @.@ Sorry
HOLY CRAP GUYS! We are up to 87 tickets and it's only been two day. I'll add a second prize if we hit 100. (Or a small prize even if we don't)
We reached 100 tickets, WHA! Wow ;u; Thanks guys.
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:iconsketching-panda-ren:Sketching-Panda-Ren 17 66
Watercolor Painting Texture by Enchantedgal-Stock Watercolor Painting Texture :iconenchantedgal-stock:Enchantedgal-Stock 1,949 440 NSG - Chibi Couple 01 by nads6969 NSG - Chibi Couple 01 :iconnads6969:nads6969 52 8 Sailor Tejina by Chibi-Sugar Sailor Tejina :iconchibi-sugar:Chibi-Sugar 12 4 Mirage Reference Sheet by Princess-of-Asteria Mirage Reference Sheet :iconprincess-of-asteria:Princess-of-Asteria 11 22




Wedding Bride: Miyabita
Here comes the bride!!!
This is Miyabita Soshi in her wedding dress..

Miyabita prefers her dress to be fitted with her hourglass figure.
Her dress consists in an champagne color with gold rims. Its a trumpet style dress that sided wrap held with a purple stone brooch and gold sash with pink beadings. It also includes beaded cap sleeves, necklace, dangling earrings and flower clips held each side of her hair.

To complete the style, Miyabita picks her hair up in a high bun with the rest of her hair loosely. She isn't keen to wear veils and wants to be her own kind of style.
Her bouquet contains pink carnations, wisteria and bell flowers..

Miyabita is mine
Base (c) :iconsailorlunarangel:
Wedding Bride: Mikomi
Here comes the bride!!!
This is Mikomi Yogen in her wedding dress and man does she look so beautiful.

Mikomi's style in her dress is lovely, but likes to keep it simple enough and still be feminine. The dress itself has a beaded bodice with small feathers hanging down, and the skirt itself is simple and styled as a A-line. She wears an transparent long finger less sleeves . To top it off, she holds her hair up into a high bun with loose curls at the back held onto a wrist length veil. She also wears earrings that belonged to her mother Calia and a opal flower shaped brooch in the center that holds the transparent sleeves onto the bodice.

Her bouquet contains gardenias, morning glories and peonies...

Mikomi is mine
Base (c) :iconsailorlunarangel:
Profile: Azurite
This is HRH Prince Azurite of Miraclia..
He's the second son to the King and Queen of Miraclia, and is hated within Miraclia because of his actions. He also has a elder brother name Calamite who's the kingdom's favorite and the golden child to the King and Queen. He also has a step-brother name Seda who shares the same father..

In the past, he is Queen Alexandrite's lover and father to Princess Iathea...

About the Guy:

Name: Azurite

Alias: Kidate

Status: Prince

Race: Elves

Age: Physically 25/??????

Origin: Miraclia


Mother: Queen ????
Father: King ????
Siblings: Calamite (Brother) and Seda (Step-brother)
Lover: Queen Alexandrite
Children: Princess Iathea
Nieces: Lady Sugilite and Princess Revivala

He's a hot-headed prince with anger issues and is mostly a shadow towards his perfect golden brother who the kingdom favors. He would do anything to gain the power and status as king but realizes by his father that he's not a perfect candidate to take the throne and to make it worst his mother stood against her son without a word. Azurite planned his revenge by sickening his family and overtime take the throne by force. During the gala, Azurite's plans started until his brother realizes something wasn't right. After their father and mother's speech, Calamite was crowned king and said his speech until he notice they started to feel ill and eventually died after the queen mentions Azurite's name. People pointed fingers at him as Calamite felt crossed by his brother's actions and banishes him onto the tower. Angered to his peak, Azurite seeks upon a onyx gem with an unfamiliar voice calls out to offer him a deal. Azurite agrees upon the deal as he places the gem on his forehead which instantly possessed him as his eyes turned red. Possessed, he escapes and heads to the throne room where three brothers confronted with each other.

Seda called worth Azurite to talk it over with King Calamite, but without warning was blasted by strong magic that wasn't a kind of their race. Azurite charged at Calamite, but Seda interfere and fought against his stepbrother. Seda fought his best to protect his other stepbrother Calamite, but was blasted to the wall and all he could do was plea for Azurite to stop. Azurite charges again and strikes Calamite few times and lastly had to say off his chest to his brother until his voiced changed into Kidate. Calamite couldn't believe what his brother was saying and struggled to plea Azurite to stop until he was stabbed by Azurite. Azurite's newly strong magic brought the kingdom into deep sleep but luckily Seda broke free and fled back to Seirei Kingdom without been detected by his stepbrother. Azurite felt good for what he's done and for that unlocks the power inside the onyx which led the transformation into Kidate. From the transformation, he's changed but fades into the gem leaving Kidate in full control. For years, he's gone into planets to gain trust of the royal families in representing kingdoms but to their warnings, Kidate uses his magic against them for his insanely pleasure to destroy them one by one. For once, he wanted more to indulge this sensation which he found in the galaxy. As he travels, lays on a beautiful planet named Tejina along with four others aligned together as the outer border. To other worlds, he poses a great threat and when he approaches leads to their demise. As he heads to Tejina, he uses his magic to change as Azurite as he press his way to the palace where he meets the royal family; Queen Ametrine, Princess Alexandrite and Takaru. There, things are going pretty well until he's smitten with the princess and that Ametrine invites him again but as one of the suitors for Alexandrite. He agrees with the request and definitely knows he'll come back for sure. When the princess isn't around, he would revert back to his true form and meet Queen Ametrine. To her surprise, she's actually drawn into him but could never tell the truth towards her daughter and always hide it till the end. With that which led things really heated between the two and thus a challenge was set.

He had a plan and indeed will be the downfall of the Mahouseki kingdom to get exactly what he wanted. In order to do it, he commanded his servants; Mayosa, Shikyo, Rixea and Hidaka to take down the four kingdoms one by one. Kidate as Azurite once again as one of three suitors during Alexandrite's coronation. As for the others, their no match against his skills as the new queen was drawn into his charm. As the two dance and to the balcony, he sense the young queen's feeling as he plants a kiss on her. This eventually work to soften her and continues to flirt during the hallway and into the bed chamber where he seduced her through the night. During the competition, he was in no rush in his plan and just continued through as seeing Queen Alexandrite cheering with her court. One by one he defeats them and stand victorious as he sees her running into his arms. This feeling got overwhelm when he heard that she's pregnant and brushes her off. To her concern, he would express his feeling that he'll return with something important completed but for now with one last kiss, he departs. By the time he returns, Kidate felt its ready and calls the servant to attack. Just hearing of people's screams, the destruction starting makes him feel good. Each servant returns and replies that they succeeded. With their last order was to kill the princesses which was intense but ultimately were killed at the end. This is hurtful for Queen Alexandrite and discovered her love was all but a lie and felt being used for his advantaged. Kidate went head on with Alexandrite and her court as senshis but one by one were killed leaving the queen alone. As her daughter Iathea is lifeless, she had no other choice to use the Onseishu which combined the powers of her court and herself led ultimately to his demise. The power sealed him into the realm where he and his servants are dormant.

In the present, Azurite lays dormant within Nagisa to get his revenge...

Azurite is mine
Base (c) :iconsailorlunarangel:
Pattern (c) :iconenchantedgal-stock:
Brillare Sailor Fate *Colored*
Finally to post this darling....

This is Sailor Fate's "Brillare Form"...
I love how much :iconsailorlunarangel: put all the effort to do it, detail to details..

This a colored version from the lineart:

Sailor Fate (c) :iconsailorlunarangel:
Brillare Concept (c) :iconmahouchikara:
Profile: Mikomi Yogen
This is Mikomi Yogen wearing her Wisteria Bloom uniform (Left) and Casual wear (Right). Her last name has changed since the previous one wasn't good enough. Out of the five girls, she's independent and the mature one with a big heart.

About The Girl:

First Name: Mikomi

Last Name: Yogen

Nickname: Miko

Gender: Female

Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Has feelings for Hisao Amano

Birthday: January 6

Age: 15 years old

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Height: 4'11"

Blood Type: O

Special Ability: In contact with someone, she detects a light and darkness within individual's hearts whether if its small or strong, she can predict whether their destinies are inclined or aren't.

Skin Tone: Light Cream

Hair Color: Dark Cool Grey

Hair Length/Style: Medium to the middle back, Loose and flowing, picked up with a hair clip or a ribbon.

Eye Color: Soft Lilac

School: Wisteria Blossom

Occupation: Student/Artist

Favorite Color: She enjoys soft colors alongside with white, but isn't keen with darker colors.

Favorite Flower: Gardenias

Favorite Gemstone: White Opal

Likes: Mikomi has a huge love for art. During her free time, she'll constantly work pieces like simple painting until she found her passion in pottery. She's even literally drawn to treats that have sweet tasted fruits. She also enjoys flower-scented candles and flower-scented bath products.

Dislikes: As a vegetarian, Mikomi doesn't like any type of meats by their scent or taste, because it makes her ill. She can't tolerate caffeine beverages and hates when people thinks only to themselves. Mikomi will never understand Assaku's behavior or her awkward choice in relationship picking which always leads a clash between them and this spites Mikomi that she knows whether that person is suitable or isn't.

Fears: Losing hope

Personality: Mikomi is a very responsible, sweet matured girl. She is very open to the world with her kindness, revealing a smile or lends with a helping hand. Very independent and hardworking, Mikomi sets her mind on something and she'll finish it with patience. At a young age, Mikomi has a creative side in simple paintings until she found her calling in making pottery. Later on, she tried combining the two skills together and she's happy about with its results and wanted to continue to expand with the challenge ones.

She's a highly social individual towards anyone and isn't afraid making friends. During on conversations, Mikomi is a good listener and offers her advice or opinions depending on what it is. When Mikomi became a teenager; she discovers her hidden ability of seeing/feeling a light within someone, she can predict their destiny. This is all new to her until later on she accepts it anyway she can to help or to enjoy seeing their happiness till the end. On romance, she's never been onto dates in her life, until a eventful day when her mother arrange a charity for her daughter to help where she meets Hisao. Till this day, Mikomi is drawn into him that he is cute and sweet, but its about his light she detects is special and that she slowly starts to show her feelings but is afraid to make an public embarrassment. Only time will tell, when she meets up with him again, she'll have the courage to tell him how she feels directly.


Mother: Calia Yogen
Calia is Mikomi's mother and currently single. Has a gentle soul and always tries her hardest to give her daughter a good life to grow up without a father. Kind-hearted woman and lives to her hearts content by the love in art thats passed down to mother and daughter. Calia is a very social person and living out her life being single while being a hardworking, devoting mother. Calia is a very famous artist towards everyone and her clients by her high class paintings which are seen in charities, museums, auctions, in people's homes and even in a antique store she owns with good quality items; which also includes her daughter's potteries.

Clothing Attire:

Casual Wear 2:
Formal Wear:
Wedding Dress:

Mikomi Yogen was born a happy child with a good life, raised by her loving mother Calia without a father. She had alot of love and always been up on her feet wanting to help out her mom in anyway possible. Calia enjoys the company from her daughter's kindness and sees good potential when she grows up into a fine young lady.

When Mikomi was 3 years old, she took a interest in art on basic paintings alongside with her mom as a activity, bonding experiences and young Mikomi enjoyed every bit of it. Calia was happy that her daughter enjoys on her talent and encourages her to expand her creativity.

At 6 years old, Mikomi was feeling delighted and happy to take art classes to expand her creativity. Knowing for Mikomi, she wants to make her mother proud for every time she goes to classes, learning everything she can and gives it her all. Things were pretty good for Mikomi until that one day, she asked her teacher that she wanted to try pottery, and the teacher agree to show her the ropes of making it. As time passes by, Mikomi was told to make a simple piece of pottery on her own. Within hours, Mikomi finished and presented her pottery to the teacher, but noticed her teacher was completely stunned by her pottery which indeed wasn't just a basic piece of a pottery, but of someone with experience.

" Did you do this on your own Mikomi? " asked the teacher with questioned look. " Yes I did, and I'm very happy how it came out. " replied Mikomi with a cheerful smile. The teacher started to notice those every weeks, that Mikomi isn't just a ordinary girl, but a girl with a gifted talent. As Calia was headed to pick up Mikomi, she spotted from the window a beautiful pottery and heads inside. There, a happy Mikomi grabbed her mother's hands to show her the beautiful pottery she made thats displayed. Calia saw the pottery and within minutes was shocked that the pottery was handled with care and well made was done by her own daughter. Calia was very happy and amazed to have a talented daughter, so the three talked it over that Mikomi continues on classes and try on competitions to show off her amazing gifted talent. Calia asked Mikomi if she's ready to try this opportunity, and to Mikomi's reply that she's happily willing to take this huge step forward to show off her talent to everyone.

In a few months, Mikomi went on competitions to show off her skills and always gives her all in anyway possible. She started out a beginner all the way to advance; and surpass every obstacle over her peers as the very calm person without feeling or getting frustrated. In due time, Mikomi has won several times and is happy with all her hard work really paying off, and since then she continues with until she became a teenager.

When Mikomi enter high school, her life was different how everyone sees her now that she's now famous like her mother. She has made some friends and classmates respected her when it comes to art class. Mikomi enjoys being in class and is in the zone when she's making pottery, and everyone are amazed to encourage themselves to be like her. Mikomi loves to do circular activities and is also known as the class president in art class before and after school. One of them, the richest girl and a friend of Mikomi named Safaia requested, highly paid her to make a pottery to be pieced in an art gallery. Mikomi agreed to take the project, and worked on it all afternoon. When she finally completed it, she called her back that it was done and that one one of Safaia's servants come to pick up and that she'll paid her back the next day.

Mikomi heads to her mother's shop, works as a part time to earn some money making and selling to ear some money. She enjoys the hard work to help out her mom and saves the money she earns for her future. On the day of Mikomi's birthday, she was delighted to do something special. She finished her day today at the shop as Calia hands her a card and a box. Mikomi opens up the box, revealing a hair clip, a family heirloom that belonged to her mother's mother that was laced ruffled alongside with soft pink pearl orb around, paired with diamond cute shaped wings. Mikomi cries softly as she read her card, putting her gift card in her bag, and thanked her mom for the beautiful gift as Calia puts on her daughter's hair. Mikomi says her goodbye and heads to spend her birthday.

Mikomi enjoys her favorite smoothie as she starts to notice a strange feeling every time she sees people around or in contact, begins to feel some comfort, seeing them happy makes her feel happy inside. She goes to a jewelry shop, seeing this beautiful quartz cut necklace and pays it as she heads out. As she was getting closer to the door, she was stopped by a tall guy who looked so majestic and good looking. He stood behind her which made Mikomi blushed lightly as he gets her necklace away from her hands and into her neck as he whispers into her ear: " I finally found you, and looked so beautiful like always." Mikomi was confused at first, but feels so close to him against his winged necklace, she sees his light which indeed was strong which slowly shows flashbacks inside Mikomi's mind which slowly starts the beginning of the young girl's awakening.

As the two were walking to the park, the two had a wonderful conversation until Mikomi spots another one looks exactly the one she's with but about her height. Even more confuse, she asked both of them who they are and why. The tall one replies that he goes by the name Tsukiyomi and the other is his twin brother Teishu,  in return Mikomi introduces herself as Tsukiyomi sensed when they first met that she's their princess they been searching but to Mikomi, she doesn't know what he's saying if its true or aren't.

While the three were chatting, a portal appears revealing a man looking delighted to see the twins once again and to settle a score. Teishu and Tsukiyomi's winged necklace glows together which bursts out a strong light as it reveals their true forms as Mikomi remains stunned on what she's seeing as it triggers yet again those flashbacks inside her mind. The twins charges towards the man who goes by the name Shikyo as he charges forward to the twins which begins the fight. The fight was tense as the twins weren't going to give up until they see Shikyo approaching towards Mikomi as she swings her bag towards him and tries to run. With this opportunity, enraged Shikyo attacks her with strange powers which landed her on the ground as the raged twins fly towards him but got struck again which ended them away from Mikomi's reach until Shikyo notice she regain her balance with the look of "not giving up". Frustrated, Shikyo attacked again as his powers getting closer to her with the twins weaken, Mikomi feels the man's power coming straight at her as flashbacks pieces together the memories within her revealing a huge light surrounding the girl, a symbol appears on her forehead which dedicates that she's a sailor senshi and this angers Shikyo.

Shikyo was getting more furious as he notices the symbol on the girl's forehead flashes strongly to reveal a magic stick and lands in her hands. Words echo in her head as she calls it out which the item changes into a brooch, sending out its light and feathers around the girl and awakens as Sailor Chiyu. He tries again summoning dark powers on Chiyu over and over again until she calls out her power on him which eventually wounded him which lead out a screaming pain. Wounded Shikyo curses on Chiyu that he'll return again and flees back into the portal.

Chiyu runs over to the twins side as they were happy to see their princess safe. Chiyu softly cries over them that she's deeply happy to see them again. Tsukiyomi cradles his princess as Teishu sweet talks her that they'll once again to protect her at any cost even if it means their life. Chiyu changes back into Mikomi while they reverted back into their disguise and walked her home. Calia was a little worried at first but was surprised seeing two nice gentlemen with her daughter, and to Mikomi, she jokes to her mom that their her new friends she made at the park. At home, Mikomi celebrated the last moments on her birthday with her mom along with Teishu and Tsukiyomi.

In her bedroom, Tsukiyomi explains to Mikomi that Kidate has returned and that he's sending his top loyal servants to take down the team known as " Superus ". As part of his revenge, Kidate wants the crystal's power of a royal bloodline in order to regain his true form to kill the one that destroyed him in the past. After listening to Tsukiyomi's words, Teishu reveals that she's fully awaken as the soldier of destiny; Sailor Chiyu, she now has to find the other Superus to stop Kidate and his gang once and for all before he gets his way.

Stay tune for her past life and later on her senshi identities......

Mikomi is mine
Hisao Amano (c) :iconladyofnemesis:
Base (c) :iconsailorlunarangel:


Loves Leucetios :3
United States
My name is Alexandra a.k.a Chikara; and I love to make friends here.

Current Residence: Home
Favourite genre of music: Anime or Video Game Songs
Favourite photographer: None
Favourite style of art: Blank Editing and Pixeling
Operating System: PS 3
MP3 player of choice: I-pod
Shell of choice: Turtle
Wallpaper of choice: Any Anime or Video Game Characters
Skin of choice: Light Tan
Personal Quote: "I will find a way to be with my bf."

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