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Name: Miyabita Kuchiku

Nickname: Mia

Gender: Female

Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Taken, in a relationship with Aruto Knight

Birthday: October 8

Age: 16 years old

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Height: 5'2"

Blood Type: O

Special Ability: Prophetic vision that predicts of a person's fate, often tries to accept it or preventing it from happening

Skin Tone: Light Cream

Hair Color: Plum

Hair Length/Style: Long to her butt, with chest-length long strands that curves in her face

Eye Color: Ice Grey

School: Wisteria Blossom High

Occupation: Student

Favorite Color: Purple; which sometimes will wear according to different shades of it

Favorite Flower: Pink Carnations

Favorite Gemstone: Charoite

Likes: Miyabita enjoys books; especially her personal favorites, romance and history novels. All her life, goes to libraries reading or studying since growing up with smart parents. She loves crepes with fruits or meats inside, and enjoys going to park feeling free rather then being at home. She also loves wearing jewelry which her personal favorites are earrings which gemstones. When she wanders freely, she has a gentle spot around children which leaves her smiling or interacting with them.

Dislikes: One thing Miyabita hates is being pressured. There are times people would get into her face and this leads a tension between her and the one who started it. Despite that she's intelligent, they'll use it as an advantage with a reward to get her help to do things for them. Miyabita thinks this is wrong to bribe for help and needs to do things on their own then relying on someone else. She'll offer help if their nicer to her rather what she thinks on their behalf. This also happens at home when her mother constantly pushes her buttons with over-studying with no breaks. This makes her feel highly tensed an fed up with her mother leads to a result for her isolating into her bedroom towards her personal journal, writing her own feelings onto each page which leads her to relax with a calm mind. As she reaches into her teens, she's often to spill out a lie just to get away. The solution to her lies depends of what it is and how to resolve a solution.

Strong Points: High IQ, Fast-reading

Fears: Miyabita's weakness relies on the three fears; giving up, betrayal and being alone. She discovers betrayal easily from her parents when she attends school throughout her teens. Later on, she learns a hidden ability within that changes her personal view which affects her life which discovers a painful truth from her past life which she wants to prevent it but knows she couldn't by making a decision on her own. Upon learning of Kidate's resurrection, everything around her leads to consequences could led her being alone giving up her personal feelings, but she discovers guidance from her friends and love to give her the strength against Kidate and prove that she's not backing down.

Personality: Miyabita is very persistent of her own choices and can be feeling unpredictable about it. To others, she's very hard to read and will lie to cover up the truth, seeing that she doesn't or just couldn't know how to say it. In the beginning, Miyabita always distances herself which is a result of a strained relationship with her parents pushing her studies too hard or uses strong verbal words against her, leaving Miyabita stressed, pressured and emotionally. Soon over time it's gotten worse that she'll isolate herself into her room or runs off somewhere to be free away from the pressure. As a smart individual, shes top of her class and enjoys the quality of life reading her favorite books or writing onto her journal making her feel comfortable and calm at ease.

Towards the students in her school, she has a hard time making friends or anyone accepting her which leads Miyabita feeling unsure of herself and will always be alone. Despite on what they think of her, they'll constantly click her buttons or worse by teasing her, which leads Miyabita feeling emotionally hurt inside and often tries to get away from the problem then to avoid a solution that can increase the odds for the students to bully her more. Miyabita predicts everyone around her that they'll use her personal feelings and intelligence against her for their own greedy minds. This happens all the time and Miyabita breaks down easily and runs off and her negatively takes over her mind stating that she'll never be happy at school or at home. She has another side of herself that wants positive outcome in her life, but she always shields it away rather than trying to stand up for herself. She dreams to have her freedom and adapt towards the changes in her life, and to work out her feelings to be happy rather than being negative and distant to which she's sees everyday. There is a gentle side of her that wants to come out of her shell, no matter how hard she tries. Eventually, this will happen over time with the help from her new friend Mikomi and lover Aruto.

Mother: Aina Kuchiku
Aina is Miyabita's mother. Stern and vocal, Aina wants what's best for her youngest daughter in life of learning, studying into something great for the future like her eldest daughter Kyasa achieves her dream of a singer who travels around the world. Aina isn't sure what Miyabita wants to do with her future, but she will not back down with strict rules she put herself for her daughter. She's highly doesn't tolerate failures and will be directly pushy on Miyabita like she would with her students. She works as a high school teacher in literature and history.

Father: Haru Kuchiku
Haru is Miyabita's father and two years older than his wife; Aina. Haru is level-minded and responds with his own personal opinion. There are times he wouldn't tell directly to his daughter the truth, which leads to agreeing with his wife's decision than his own child's decision or her feelings. Like his daughter Miyabita, he's highly intelligent with a high IQ in chemistry. He becomes a workaholic towards his work as a head scientist for a huge company.

Sister: Kyasa Kuchiku
Kyasa is Miyabita's older sister. Kyasa is vibrant with a creative personality. She can be sweet with a kind heart, but is often concern on her young sister's future. When they were younger, she always tried her hardest to get Miyabita away from her obsession into books and just loosen up for once, but Miyabita always pushed her away into her comfort. Since then, Kyasa gave up in trying and just persuades her dream as a popular singer. She deeply cares for Miyabita and wants her happiness into what her sister wants to do. It is said that Kyasa was the golden child to Aina and Haru Kuchiku and that their nicer to her than Miyabita. This always caused a tension between the sisters and that Miyabita blames on her sister when they were younger. Kyasa apologizes and reassures to her sister that their parents are doing this out of love for Miyabita, but Miyabita doesn't by her sister's forgiveness and Kyasa really just wants the past between them behind and just given a second chance. Miyabita breaks down and willingly will try to give her sister a second chance to catch up between them.

Clothing Attire:
School Uniform:
Casual Wear 1:
Casual Wear 2:
Formal Wear:
Wedding Dress:

Miyabita Kuchiku's birth in early morning around 1:00 a.m was a blessing for parents Aina and Haru Kuchiku along with big sister Kyasa. Miyabita and Kyasa loved each others company and would do things together, like dressing up, singing or naming games. Her childhood was happy one at a young age that her parents show a lot of love for her. Miyabita started to change when she reached out to a book from her sister's bookshelf and becomes so obsessed with it whenever her sister reads it to her and now Miyabita can read and remember everything from beginning to end. Kyasa praises her sister for being a huge learner and is surprised that Miyabita knows all the books she has in her room and lately has become a problem. Kyasa discovers Miyabita in their mother's study room for weeks reading every book to book which as a result she could remember everything from the meaning and purpose in the books itself. At age 6, Miyabita notice the differences from her parent's behavior when she was in school and soon everything changed. Miyabita felt on being a shadow to her sister's fame and that her parents treats her nicer than herself. She felt being betrayed that her sister is toying with her and that Miyabita wasn't lucky enough to win her parent's attention. Now, that Kyasa left the house to travel around the world with her music, her mother starts lecturing Miyabita and she tries to run away until she is stopped and gets slapped with disrespecting and disobeying. Poor Miyabita goes through this physical and verbal abuse from her mother throughout her life growing up. Her father became a workaholic ever since he got promoted from the company, and tensions between father and daughter are severed because he ignores his daughter's feelings and agreement which turns against her by agreeing with his wife Aina instead.

Things have gotten from bad to worse, when Miyabita was a teenager and enters high school, Wisteria Blossom High. The relationship with her parents was so bad that she'll isolate into her room to get away from the tension. Miyabita becomes distrustful mostly towards her mother after all the abuse she endorsed her, the constantly pushing through her childhood, despite all she wanted from her mother to be more nicer and be happy on what her daughter has become. But that wasn't going to happen as her mother just sees her as a advantage to over-studying into something greater for the future. Miyabita felt like her mother won't listen to her with ignorance, was the final straw between them, leading her to run away to a nearby cafe. There inside, Miyabita shuts down whenever anyone approaches her as they just leaves a beverage next to her just encase if she need any assistance. Miyabita brings out her journal and writes out her personal feelings onto every page until she eventually stops which releases the pain, the betrayal, within her leaving her emotionally breaks down crying and hurting inside.

The next day in school, Miyabita is distanced like the usual from the other students because several times they'll bully or bribe her intelligence to do everything for them, and this causes her to sometimes slash out with words or just ignore their offer by leaving. Not all students see her unpredictable self except for one girl named Mikomi. Mikomi notice the girl and approaches her, but Miyabita just brushes her off aside as she doesn't want her to get involved. Unlike Mikomi, she won't give up on the girl as she senses her light which detects pain, loneliness and negative emotions within the girl. Mikomi wants to heal and help her in anyway she can as she is good at comforting. The next time Miyabita sees Mikomi again, she walks past by her until Miyabita felt Mikomi's hand on her shoulders that she can be of a help. The girl's conversation felt quiet until it started to pick up when Miyabita gives in of Mikomi's offer making Mikomi happy. To Miyabita, she predicts Mikomi can be a use of help to comfort through her pain and can tell that she's going to do her very best which in for the first time Miyabita reveals a small smile to Mikomi which makes her happy. Within those few weeks, between the two girls develop a friendship together and the that bond remains inseparable. When the two shook their hands for the first time, Mikomi reassures and promises Miyabita that she'll always be by her side in anyway in comfort or help which somehow Miyabita started to feel strange as everything around her flashes into a light, an unknown vision that also affected Mikomi as well. The vision was strong from both girls that it showed two silhouettes of two girls in dresses laughing together in the garden with an unfamiliar responses: "I'll always be your friend and together nothing will break our bonds and that's a promise." The vision just vanished as both girls brushes it off saying together that it's all a dream and just went separate ways to class. Few days, Miyabita slowlt starts to grow soft around Mikomi's prescences and feels  like she's not going to be alone forever and made a vow that she'll work her hardest to be a happy girl she always wanted.

After school, Miyabita calls up Mikomi to hang out at the park after school but was cut short during their conversation when Mikomi explains that has work today and will meet her later in the park. Miyabita understands her friend's decision and left to the park sad about it. As she enters the park, she sits on a nice bench while taking out her journal and writes waiting for Mikomi until she got easily distracted seeing four children playing catch. Miyabita smiles and enjoying the kid's company as they interact with her to play along. It lasted nearly a hour of playing with the children, until one of them, a girl around 6 years old, wandered off to retrieve the ball and Miyabita follows her. As she approaches the girl further within the park, seeing the girl being attacked by something that reveal itself of a creature- humanoid. Feeling shocked that she just witnessed, revealed a vision as she tries to brush it off. The vision was so strong that Miyabita leashed a scream with a devastated look in her face, resulting with a second vision of the horrific scene with the girl lifeless or being drained by the being. Miyabita just screams out the pain of these horrific visions coming from her mind as the creature notices the girl and Miyabita couldn't bear of seeing this vision happening as a result prevented it by charging forward and save the girl from the creature's attempting. The girl introduces herself as Kia and clutches onto Miyabita as the creature stares at her aggressively and vanished. Kia thanked Miyabita for her rescue and hands her a box containing something special that just didn't want and assists Miyabita to keep it, considering it as good luck and leaves to go back to the rest of the children.

Feeling relief and happy when Kia left, she opened the box that contains these stunning amethyst earrings which she was amazed by their beauty and puzzles as to why a young girl have this kind of jewelry. She also sees a small note inside replying that it once belonged to the girl's late sister along with a picture which Miyabita's eyes stunned that the girl's sister looks alot like her and therefore puts the earrings on leaving her smiling. As she heads back to the fountain, but quickly gets attacked from behind and discovers its the same creature that attacked the young girl and its returned for revenge. Miyabita notice the creature multiples itself surrounding her as Miyabita is confused and demands who the creature is and why coming here attacking the girl and now stopping me. She discovers the creature is a female creature-humanoid with a jewel on her head and goes by the name Magi as it talks to her. It explains that she was summoned by her master searching for the heir that holds the key their looking for.  Miyabita responds back to Magi that their is no way she'll find what their looking for and that Magi just laughs and eventually gets annoyed by the girl's respond. She attacks Miyabita within the first strike until her clones are repelled by an unknown figure with a sword. He won't let the creature near her as he persuades her to leave, but is annoyed when the girl wants to handle this herself, but it got the best of her when one of Magi's clones went for the first strike and attacked her. The man knows the girl is foolish to do it alone and with no hesitant, he defeats the clones one by one until it left the real Magi as she grabs the unconscious Miyabita. The man charges forward to save the girl, but was blocked and bounced back by Magi's attacks until it was time to detect on the girl. So close to detect her, Magi gets stunned by someone else in the shadows, introducing herself as Sailor Chiyu alongside with twin guardians; Teishu and Tsukiyomi. Magi multiply herself again and commands them to attack as Chiyu grabs Miyabita to dodge their attacks. The twins distracts the clones as Chiyu tries to wake her up. Miyabita regains conscious little by little hearing Mikomi's voice calling out to her. Fully awaken, Miyabita sees that it's not Mikomi but a different person, a sailor senshi instead as she gets grabbed by the creature as it detects her instead and discovers a light within, and is amazed until Teishu pushes off Magi from her and the creature angered and summoned her clones again which was an never ending cycle for the twins, the unknown man and Chiyu until all of them felt weakened as Miyabita regains her balance as her eyes widen seeing the entire thing until the real Magi targeted and charges at her but was blinded from a unknown light and it all happened.

Miyabita's visions grown stronger as she tries to brush it off from her mind, but instead hearing voices as she doesn't do anything but screams. Screaming out of confusion and pain, left her scared for Magi's clones to attack but then gets blinded by second light, much stronger than the first one. Weakened, Chiyu and the guys noticed in horror before the light and might be the end of Miyabita. Miyabita hears voices again but noticed she's all alone in the light revealing in front of her different pieces of memory shards. Confused and wanting to figure what's going on, approaches the center shard and enters inside of it revealing a garden area. Surrounded by flowers, Miyabita wanders the area and spots a young girl that looks just like her but wearing a purple dress like a princess would wear wandering in the garden looking for something. Miyabita quietly walks over to where the girl is but notices a tall dark figure by the young girl's side. She felt inside that she had seen him before but doesn't have a clue who he is. There, Miyabita noticed the two left and she follows them. Further into the garden, Miyabita was a carnation flowerbed with a woman standing next to it. The woman looked beautiful kneeling down with open arms to the young girl. Miyabita sensed a unknown feeling in her chest that left her with a small tears and a soft smile. She realized this feeling is a happy one that she always wanted since her own mother never given her as she got older. She tries approaching to the two, but the memory is gone and changes into  different one, this time she's inside the castle.

Walking in the castle's hallways, Miyabita is even more puzzled but somehow feels like this is familiar to her somehow. There, she sees the look-alike princess but is around Miyabita's age with another girl in a white dress talking about something to the princess. Curious enough, Miyabita hears a familiar voice coming from the white princess of that of her friend Mikomi. She thinks carefully visualizing Mikomi and the white princess side by side, and is shocked that the two are the same person but in different appearances. She isn't sure why until she looks at the purple princess who turns her face around to the other princess that looks just like her, but the only differences was that their hair color and that the princess's hair is longer than Miyabita's and the similar trait was their eyes are the same color. To Miyabita's conclusion after seeing the two memories, and being that close to the princesses even though they can't see or hear Miyabita, discovers a secret truth that indeed the purple princess is herself and that all of this is the past before she was Miyabita in the present. Wanting answers as to why she's not there when being on Earth instead, the third memory changes and Miyabita sees that this is the ballroom while she was in the west wing, while her past self is on the east wing with the white princess including the other three princesses which she has no clue who they are. Miyabta looks down and noticed the familiar woman she saw previously is surrounded by quests, but sees an unknown woman approached to the woman alongside with the two suitors; Aruto Knight and Prince Apatite. She discovers by listening to the women's voices, one with coral colored hair announces the crown princess Iathea was the queen named Alexandrite, while the lighter hair was the queen's eldest sister Queen Aaffeite. Aaffeite and a dark figure escorted Princess Iathea down the stairs to the two suitors. Miyabita discovers the dark figure she just met is one of the same and finds out his name; Takaru. Another piece of memory clicked inside in Miyabita's mind that the princess is indeed herself in the past, and finds out that she's the daughter to Queen Alexandrite and that she's her mother in the past, and that Aaffeite is her aunt. Things were starting to hurt much in Miyabita's head as she finally unlocks the memories of her past life, seeing herself as Princess Iathea next to her real mother Queen Alexandrite, her aunt Queen Aaffeite and mentor Takaru.

The next memory, Miyabita as Iathea dancing with her chosen suitor; Aruto Knight surrounded by guests, friends and family. She looked happy and that in her eyes, she's dancing with this handsome man who loves her for who she is. Slowly reverting back as Miyabita, she feels something deep within her heart that that this love from him is the one that can make her feel free and whole filled with happiness. Something else started to feel strange, as she was pushed back as she tried to reach out to them, the memory disappears right before her eyes and instantly changes again into something she'll never forget as this is the last time she'll be seeing this. The last memory, was the worst which reveals the demise and destruction of the Mahouseki Kingdom where people are dying or tortured. Miyabita can't believe what she is seeing of how horrible this last memory has become and sees Iathea and the other princesses looking for survivors. With few remaining survivors, she the follows the princesses to a dead end and separated one by one. There, Miyabita sees Princess Iathea alone and thinks where the other four princesses are when they got separated. Miyabita runs after Iathea from behind and finds an exit where she discovers the truth behind the demise. Miyabita's eyes saw the entire destruction and is faced by faced with the shadowed figure with four black wings just laughing out the horror of his sick pleasure. Both Princess Iathea and Miyabita weren't alone as they see four images in front of them, of the four princesses as senshis fighting off different figures until one by one dies instantly.The horror in their eyes, Miyabita is confused and feels sad while Princess Iathea went in anger and try to avenge her friends while she confronted the last of the figures in the form of a young girl. Terrified and confused, Miyabita couldn't bear to see this happening until she spots the princess wounded, while witnessed the queen lost to the winged figured and her court dies one by one. Miyabita screams out to them, but still no one can hear or see her which she couldn't hold it any longer. Even more horrified as Miyabita sees her past life's death as the fallen princess went through the girl's body. Horrified and crying, Miyabita figured out that her memories in the past was so happy in the beginning  and until the end has got so sad until she sees her past mother make a difficult decision by extracting the life of the queen's fallen court and fused power with the queen's own life forming the anemone shaped crystal called "Onseishu" with four small gems floating circular. Using the crystal's power was enough to destroy the winged figure and the servant's bodies which leaves them as dark entities and were sealed in the dark realm. Miyabita felt relief that it's over, but somehow her past mother is gone and all was left was hearing five laughter over and over again until everything blacks out and Miyabita was already kneeling and crying.

Miyabita couldn't stop crying and starts talking to herself as to why, why did it have to happen in the past. She hears a soft voice in a light hovering to the girl, taking the form of a woman revealing as the queen herself, Queen Alexandrite. The queen placed her hand on the girl's shoulder as Miyabita looks up at the queen's smile. Sadden and relief, Miyabita responds "Mother" as she embraces the queen as Alexandrite held the girl close. From the embrace, Miyabita slowly changes into Princess Iathea as her mother knew deep down that her daughter is safe on Earth in her reborn name Miyabita Kuchiku. Reunited at last, Queen Alexandrite explained to her daughter everything that she was the one who send her to the light, revealing those memories to her on what actually happened throughout her daughter's life and the queen's own choice to end her life. She explains that a great evil has returned once again for revenge and that her daughter and her friends were in the wrong time and place when the queen had to face the evil with her court. It is been said that the evil was once defeated by her friend's twin guardians, but somehow escaped by someone who wanted it's power and took advantage of it as it's replacement. The queen was absolutely sure who done it and that she felt guilty by not telling her daughter soon. The queen revealed her the daughter the truth that the man she loved for so long is the chosen suitor  from her mother Queen Ametrine, also the one responsible for the destruction of all kingdoms and is the father of her daughter is Prince Azurite. The princess never seen him throughout growing up and felt her mother had a choice by hiding that possible truth to her. Queen Alexandrite felt that he's gone for good as she felt betrayed by seeing the truth behind his true motives by changing into the great evil she fought named Kidate. The pain that the queen held for so long, held the truth to her daughter by preventing her to not make the same mistake she did. The princess respond to her mother that she forgiven her and that she was only doing it to protect her. Before her death, the queen used  her power to send the guys; Takaru, Teishu and Tsukiyomi to Earth to find the reborn girls and together stop Kidate for good. The queen knew by ending her life was going to work by destroying Kidate and his servants by sending them to the dark realm, but it only worked temporary. Alexandrite hardly know on what happen to the man her daughter was with during the celebration, but felt her sister has something to do with it. Deep down, she reassures her daughter that he's out there somewhere looking for you. Iathea felt a sign of relief that he's safe somewhere and wants to be reunited with him with soft tears flowing down her face. As the princess clutches to her heart, she reverts back as Miyabita assuring Queen Alexandrite that she'll do whatever it takes to stop Kidate with the help of her friends. Before their goodbyes, the queen use her power which reveals an magical armlet on Miyabita's upper left arm. Alexandrite feels in her heart that there is hope that her daughter and her court will find a way to end all of this. The queen mentions that one of her daughter's court is already awaken is none other then her best friend from the past, Princess Ophelia. Miyabita remembers the white princess from one of her past memories that looked like Mikomi when she only sees a different person in the present is a sailor senshi. Alexandrite replies that is indeed what her daughter's describing is Sailor Chiyu, otherwise known as Princess Ophelia who is now reborn as Mikomi. Miyabita felt happy to hear that as the queen reassures her that this isn't a forever goodbye and she'll always be in her dream and heart. The queen's last response as she disappears; " I have faith in you, as you are my precious treasure and the remaining princess to our beloved kingdom Mahouseki. You will defeat your father again when that time comes." Miyabita brushes away her tears as she hears the words echoing in her head as she calls out the transformation into the superu soldier Sailor Tejina. Fully awaken and unlocked her senshi powers, she uses it to take her back to the present where she is in her familiar surroundings.

Sailor Chiyu and the guys noticed the light dying revealing Tejina as they felt relief to see her again. But their still in trouble from Magi's clones binding them as she goes into multiplying rampage. Tejina vowed to put an end to Magi's demise by the weapon " Jemuiki Staff " in her hands. Tejina use her powers to free them which gave the sign to Chiyu to use her power to destroy the clones alongside with the guy's help. Together, Tejina and Chiyu combined their attacks to kill Magi in the process as Tejina falls into one of the twin's arms. Meanwhile, Miyabita wakes in an unknown room where Mikomi and the guys watched her. Mikomi responds by hugging her friend which Miyabita smiles back by holding her friend close. One of the twins named Teishu responded to Miyabita is she remembered anything and she replies that she does that left her crying. The dark figure who saved Miyabita introduces himself as Takaru and responded to Miyabita's touch within her hands causes a flashbacks that the princess he served is there inside the girl and is happy that she's back. He felt guilt alongside with the guys that they were to late from the ordeal as Miyabita and Mikomi forgives them. Miyabita explained that she met her mother in the past and that she explained everything including the truth and that she's happy to see them again as Mikomi felt the same way to be finally reunited with her best friend and the guys. Both girls vowed to put a stop to Kidate's plans and avenged their past. Finally together again, Miyabita's journey is only the beginning and she now has to deal adjusting her ordinary life and her senshi duties together. Before she can start on her new destiny, she has find the other three girls from her past life to join alongside her to put a stop to Kidate and her servants once and for all.

Royal Identity * Past *

Title: Her Royal Highness Princess Iathea

Status: Princess

Origin: Planet Tejina, resides in Mahouseki Kingdom

Keeper of : Onseishu

Mother: Queen Alexandrite
Father: Prince Azurite
Aunt: Queen Aaffeite
Grandmother: Queen Ametrine

Planet's Guardian: Jemuiki

Princess Iathea is open-minded and has a close bond with best friend and youngest princess from the group, Princess Ophelia. The princess's childhood one was an happy one given lots of love from her mother Queen Alexandrite and aunt Queen Aaffeite. They would do things together in reading books to each other, praying the kingdom's guardian, attending royal duties. Princess Iathea has been spoil to much from her aunt since her birth through childhood and includes her mother's court and her new friends. At times, she can be pretty judgemental on certain things and starts creating lies just to avoid trouble or the truth to be told. As the princess got older, she knows every book in the palace's library by studying or learning new things she might needs for her future. This can also includes her mother's mentor Takaru for difficult teachings for the young princess and that doesn't bother her. Learning every piece of knowledge will be a primary thing for the princess's royal duties until that time comes when she becomes queen. She is a quick learner and knows everything by repeating to make sure she can master it without mistakes. Being the princess knows so much that her mother won't push her limits and wants her to have some freedom from time to time which makes the princess happy from her mother's permission. But everything changed when Princess Iathea matured into a beautiful young lady. This was time for the princess to experience something new to her life: finding her true love. The tradition states that the queen throws a grand celebration of the princess's birthday of the two chosen suitors by the queen to compete by winning the heart of the princess. Princess Iathea wasn't taught about anything like that and feels all new to her ensuring about the whole thing. Deep down, she's always felt loneliness within her heart and hardly has never interact with men in a relationship before, except her mentor Takaru because their relationship seems to be like brother and sisterly or teacher and his student, who wants her happiness with the one she chooses. The most important thing Princess Iathea wants in a guy is acceptance of who she is. Before the celebration, the princess met Prince Apatite and the two were smitten at first until she discovers that he's a womanizer during the celebration and that broke her heart. Feeling so unease from him, she meets up her second suitor named Aruto Knight. At first glace, Princess Iathea sees Aruto very handsome and sweet, and eventually felt interested into him. She couldn't keep her eyes off from him releasing a small smile which lead a soft blush. The princess sensed in him like he's the one who can make her come out of her shell of loneliness and deep down wants to get to know about and build a relationship with him.

Past History:
Princess Iathea was a beautiful girl born from Queen Alexandrite and Prince Azurite. Like all female tejinan royals, Iathea has beauty and grace the Mahouseki Kingdom. Like her mother Queen Alexandrite and grandmother Queen Ametrine, she's the direct heir to the throne once she reaches her maturity. Born with luxurious hair like all the female royals and shares the eyes from her father. Life as a princess was a precious thing to Iathea that she can lead a good life with great knowledge and freedom as possible she can. Most of her time, she would be at the kingdom's carnation garden during her free time relaxing at ease swinging on her favorite flower wrapped swing. But there are times, you would see her in the palace's library reading every single books in their shelves. During her studies and lessons, she is taught by her mother's mentor Takaru and also the princess's trainer. She is directed with Takaru but is always enjoyed his company as he's the only male she only interacts. As Iathea was around 5 years old, she would often be seen inside her mother's room to spend some quality time when she isn't busy with her princess duties. Overall, she would often comfort her mother's sudden burden that she would often try cheering up which make the queen smile softly. The queen senses and feels that the princess is not ready to tell her about the father she will never meet and felt sadden as the princess gives her mother the cute puppy eyes which made the queen gave in and confess that its not going to happen.

As the princess reaches around 10 years old, it was Iathea's first time meeting her mother's court along with their daughters. At first, Iathea is hesitant to meet them but felt its okay to try interacting with them. To her surprise, the red princess named Yhena explains that the four of us are Iathea's chosen guardians as her court. The princess isn't sure why her mother is doing this, but that is the dark princess Zaara assures Iathea that this is destiny and while the blue princess next to Yhena is Urra encourages Iathea to try and trust them while the white princess remained silent. Surely the four princesses feel like they need to prove that they can do this tough duty in front of Iathea. With not much of a conversation between the girls, they left with their mothers for whats coming for them until Urra responds to Iathea that they'll return for the trials and for Iathea that she might indeed have to fight them. The princess is slightly puzzled about the whole entire thing and what Urra said and returns to her mother asking whats going on. By listening through her mother's explanation, Iathea isn't sure that she's wants to go through this but thinking it over for two whole days, she reassures her mother that she will try at her first training. Four years went through as Iathea went through tough training with Takaru and soon she's having second thoughts about the whole thing. Takaru would go all the way in the training, convincing the princess to focus hard to succeed. From there, she discovers her hidden abilities by summoning different elemental powers through her hands but sometimes can backfire or being unstable. She's told to control her powers if she wants to pass the training. By over time, Iathea is able to fully control the powers directly which made her feel confident in herself and passed her training. By the seventh month, the princess has to go through four trials in order to pass, but it had a twist behind them in room to room during her trial. There in the first room, Iathea sees a familiar princess she met before but this time wielding the spear which is of course Princess Urra. Urra wants a good challenge with Iathea by showing off her strength through her training back at home and Iathea willingly agrees to the challenge. The challenge was pretty tense and in full two hours with the results as a tie. Iathea praises Urra for her strength and the encouragement she gave her back when they first met. With the first shook hands as a sign of friendship blossoming and wants to challenge Urra again the next time they meet which Urra accepts. Second room was Yhena, third room was Zaara and both had a pretty tense challenge which both passed and also shook hands. The last room held the youngest princess named Ophelia. Iathea felt too confident and relief from passing three rooms during the trials but felt deep down she was distancing herself towards Ophelia and is isn't sure about it. As the two started the challenge, one was avoiding from another until Iathea felt in the first strike and something just happened which left her blinded from a strong light which Ophelia vanished. Iathea felt guilty about the last challenge even though she passed the trials, and wants to make up for that for the next time they meet. Soon Princess Iathea was called into the throne room where her mother and Takaru are there. Iathea questions as to why she's summoned that the queen wants to give her daughter the talk about something very important. She explains that upon the princess's sixteenth birthday, the queen is stepping down and handing the crown to her daughter. Iathea thinks this is all too soon but her mother reassures her that this is indeed ready for her until that time comes and Iathea softly bursts into tears that she will try her very best until that is her mother also informs her that this is also will be happening when the princess has to choose a suitor as well and this baffles Iathea. Not really know why would she need a suitor but her mother explains that its an tradition they have since her grandmother's first ruling and Iathea is hesitant to give it a try and wants to think it over.

Princess Iathea has grown into a fine lady  into something so special. Feeling sad that it's finally the time to explore into something she's never had in a long time, a lover. In her room, she isn't quite sure after thinking it over as gazes at the stars. With the feeling of curious on what she wants in a man for so long that she ever had though about and thinks that everything will be easy for her but knows it will not happen like that. Before she feels settled with someone, she accompanies with Takaru to head to the planet Chiyu. Before Iathea's birthday celebration starts, she arrives at Chiyu as she waits in the gardens where she's sitting on an gardenia flower swing waiting for Ophelia. There, Princess Ophelia was heading out of the palace to the gardens where she spots Iathea sitting on the swing. Carefully, she approaches to the beautiful princess where Iathea softly kindly moves over for Ophelia to sit. As Ophelia sits down next to Iathea, Iathea softly crying with an apology for what happen. Princess Ophelia softly smiles back by accepting Iathea's apology and to Iathea discovery to Ophelia that she wanted to get closer to Iathea but couldn't. The two started to warm up towards each other as it develops a small friendship and their first hug together as Iathea continues crying on Ophelia's shoulders. There, Iathea tells her new friend that today is her birthday and that she's having a grand celebration and wants to invite her to be by her side to pick the suitor she thinks its good for Iathea. From there, Ophelia accompanies Iathea and Takaru to the other planets for a quick invitation to Iathea's birthday celebration and of course to their friends which they gladly accept the offer and they'll meet them very soon. Now Iathea has to leave home but doesn't want to forget to say goodbye to Ophelia. Ophelia reassures to Iathea that this celebration is just the beginning and very special, and not to worry that she'll always be by her side.

As Princess Iathea returns to her beloved kingdom, she had to get herself prepared for her big day. Feeling good inside while she's still thinking it over until she gets surprised seeing Ophelia again and the other princesses there in her room. They wish their friend Iathea a happy birthday with their gifts as Iathea will open them little later after the party. Princesses Yhena, Urra and Zaara left onto the ballroom while Ophelia and Iathea needed to something quickly before catching up with them. Ophelia would fix up Iathea's hair with her crown ready as the two headed to the hallway chatting about the guys Iathea is meeting until they stopped to the door to the ballroom.  As the doors open, Princess gracefully approaches from the balcony to meet her guests with a warm smile which she sees her mother, mentor and the two suitors at the bottom. The princess was announced by her mother as she ascended down the stairs to greet the two suitors. There, she welcomes them for coming until she feels being drawn to the left suitor with chestnut brown hair left her light blushing and brushes it off quickly with a soft kiss on her hand. The celebration has started where everyone is escorted to the stadium as Iathea was being escorted by the two suitors and she just couldn't hide her soft blushing. In the stadium, Iathea wishes the two good luck as she accompanies her mother, mentor, her mother's court and their daughters in the balcony to watch upon. Iathea was lightly confident that the one on the left is very handsome and is the one for her but luckily for Ophelia, she can sense both their light to see who's more suitable and the results are the same Iathea predicted and feels happy about it. The tournament inside the stadium held a few trials until it led to both of fighting against each other to win Iathea's heart. It was a tough one until it was done and it reached its final decision after the fight was none other than the one both Iathea and Ophelia agreed upon. Heading back inside the palace's ballroom, Iathea was meeting up the winner and officially the chosen one for her which leads a surprise of a kiss on her hand again which made her blushed again as she stares into his beautiful eyes. Introducing herself to him, he replies his name is Aruto Knight and Iathea just blushes to his appearances, his touch that makes her feel over the moon of first love. Feeling little nervous as to what words she wanted to say towards him, Aruto escorts Iathea in the middle where the two started their first dance together. Iathea feels happy for the first time around someone like him with his kindness as they continue dancing. Trying so hard to say something to him but instead just gives in by leading her head against his chest as she enjoys this warming moment between them. Slowly the dance started to end as the two lovebirds couldn't stop showing affection towards one another which almost lead to a kiss as Iathea just brushes it off. As the celebration continues throughout the night, Iathea was accompanied by Aruto to the outside balcony where the two can be alone together. As the two gazes at the stars, Iathea started off the conversation on what he's like and so on which she's comfortable talking to him, seeing that its her first time being into a guy like Aruto. The conversation held pretty smoothly as Iathea feels happy to meet him and learning little by little about him during the beginning of their relationship. The princess leans over the railing as she looks at the stars thinking about her upcoming future which Aruto can sense Iathea starts crying. The princess responds to Aruto that her mother is stepping down and handing the crown to her which still crying over the whole situation and thinks she's not fully ready to take over the throne that soon and feels like that she'll mess up or ruin everything to upset her people. Feeling a soft touch from Aruto's hands against Iathea's left shoulder giving some encouragement that she can do it just by believing in herself which gave some senses inside her head and thanked him that she feels little better and that he'll always be by her side when that day comes. Iathea feels lucky by crying of happiness against Aruto's shoulders by hearing his kind words and courage gave her hope which led to their first kiss by Iathea's hands against his chest with his hands holding her face softly. In her heart and mind, Iathea feels happiness to have Aruto in her life and to start building their love together which led to the princess confess her love to him leading into a second kiss from her before they headed back to the ballroom where everyone are enjoying themselves.

As they returned, Iathea held on Aruto's hand as she wanted to dance once again with him which lead them to a slow dance but had to cut it short as her mother Queen Alexandrite announces that she's passing the crown to Princess Iathea becoming queen in a week which leads the crowd cheering. Princess Iathea runs to her mother crying with happiness as Alexandrite reassures her daughter that she will make a fine and great queen alongside her love that Alexandrite has full trust towards Aruto on her daughter. Of course, Iathea had to kiss Aruto again that somehow she feels curious on what he wanted to tell her until something just happened which left Iathea clutches onto Aruto. The celebration had to end too soon as the kingdom was under attack. Iathea didn't want to leave him as he wanted to help out fended her kingdom that it left her scared and sad. Aruto promises that once its over, he'll return to her as Iathea reply the same promise which lead the lovers one last kiss as Iathea had to go with Ophelia and the others to find who's responsible. Things were getting really bad as the girls were searching for survivors but so far no luck but won't give up. People were panicking and scared as they'll just scream all over the place where something is torturing or killing them. Princess Iathea couldn't bear to see her home going like this until she discovers feeling alone as her friends were gone. Trying to look for them, she finds and exit but is horrified what she just saw. Queen Alexandrite and her court were against the responsible for the destruction of her home and quickly learned her mother's court lost something as well. Like the usual, Iathea was very scared and wants to help them as she runs over but is stopped by a figure of a young girl. The two girls battled and somehow the poor princess lost against the girl as she is soon distracted by her horrible view in front of her. Seeing her mother struggling, Iathea breaks through the girl but soon gets tortured by one of the girl's creatures. Feeling the pain, she screams out why doing this which makes her burst into tears of the truth she's learning from the girl who just laughs. The girl responds to the beaten princess that she was ordered by her master that the princess saw. Princess Iathea demands the girl where her friends are, who is she and who is her master. The girl responds to her questions that her name is Mayosa, one of the servants under their master who goes by the Kidate. Mayosa responds her last answer that the princess's friends were caught by her master's other servants and that they lost of them which was the result of their deaths. Laughing out so evil, Iathea can't believe what she just heard and charges at Mayosa for revenge. The battle was fought but it quickly ended with Iathea losing to Mayosa and she just continues torturing the princess by making her seeing the queen's court challenging her master. With all their best attempts to avenge the death of their love, children and home, one by one of the courts dies instantly by Kidate's sinister power which leaves Alexandrite alone crying as it slowly turns into anger. The princess screams out to her mother to never give up and don't give in to them. This was all too much for the defeated queen until it pains her to see this happening and into shock sees her beloved daughter killed off by Mayosa which she tosses her hard to the queen. There Alexandrite touches her daughter's lifeless face where this was the final straw.

Queen Alexandrite predicted that this is the end of the Mahouseki Kingdom and that she will not give up without a fight as she attempts to do the last attack to put the end of Kidate and his servants. With the help of Jemuiki's power by responding to the queen's wish was to change into Sailor Majikuu Tejina one last time, and with that calls forth the Onseishu by extracting the life from her fallen court's life and with her own life source joint together one final time against Kidate and instantly backfires which it only destroyed their body leaving their dark entities exposed to charge towards the queen but they couldn't and were sealed down in the deep dark realm on Earth. Queen Alexandrite felt this is over as she had to make the ultimate choice by sacrificing her life to kill her former lover by the hurt and pain he caused to her. Weakened after the power, her fuku has revert back into her queen attire falls into Takaru's arms with the twins kneeling over her. Her final wish, she promises the guys to protect the girls until the time comes for them to take him on again in the present. The last of the fallen queen's power,sends off the guys first,her court's daughters, her daughter, and all the survived citizens down to Earth to be reborn. Her last words to her daughter to have a brighter future and take down Kidate for the sake of the fallen kingdoms and for the people who died by him which results of her death crying by gazing at the stars. To Princess Iathea's life being gone is sadden and the loss of the Mahouseki Kingdom was too much, and that she'll never get back to her love. But the princess feels in her heart that they'll meet again in the present thanks to her mother's sacrifice to give her a second chance of life on Earth.

Sailor Senshi Identity:

Name: Sailor Tejina

Title: Senshi of Fate and Magic

Status: Leader

Introduction: "This world will go down by my predicted fate for who will be saved or perished. Chosen one of life and death by my magic, I'm the superu soldier Sailor Tejina."



Magic Armlet:
Cosmic Charoite Brooch:
Onseishu's Fate

Jemuiki Staff:
Astral Wisdom:
Majikuu's Despair:

Realm of Influence: Elemental and Non-elemental magic

Tejina's Transformation & Attacks:

Wisdom by Choice! Tejina Cast up * Basic: *
Miyabita waves her right hand over to the armlet's crystals as they glow and quickly pulls the hand outwards as the purple gem sends out an purple glowing ribbons dissolving her clothes leaving her body soft lavender shine as the transformation progresses with the armlet turned into a brooch. She turns twice clockwise as it forms her bodice by multi-elemental ribbons (top: fire, middle: ice, and last: thunder) as her hands are stretched out from behind as the ribbons forms her gloves. She gives one slow motion twirl with her hands coming down to her feet as the ribbons wrap around her legs forming the boots upwards to her waist forming the skirt. From the skirt, the ribbons dissolves upward to her hair as her arms and legs are spread out after. A small light shines through to form her accessories with her eyes sharp as she finishes off her pose with her right arm over to her waist and the left over to her chest with her legs wide as Sailor Tejina.

Inferno Orb Crater
A basic fire attack. The red gem orb on her staff glows as it makes the other gem orbs changing into red charging up. There, she summons out a magic circle with a sign for fire as she waves her staff couple of times as she raise her left hand upwards to the top gem as it bursts into flames. Soon, she twirls it again to the left side of her body and throws it in the air as it makes the sky dark, summoning fireballs showering down to the target.

This attack can be multi-target or single target. This is a random move, it can be less damage or instant kills depending on Tejina's power level. It can also become stronger when Teikaen is awaken which leaves a critical move where the targets are burned.

Tundra Orb Icicles
A basic ice attack. The blue gem orb on her staff glows as it makes the others orbs changing into blue charging up. A magic circle appears below her feet of a sign for ice as she waves the staff which causes it to summon up the water around as a circle and starts to freeze. There her staff just floats as the gem powered up as the frozen water forms into multiple unlimited icicles to its targets.

This attack has a good accuracy and wide range against any targets. It can also become stronger when Mozouiki is awaken. It can weaken enemies by being pierced through or chill them.

Roaring Orb Shock
A basic thunder attack. The yellow gem on her staff glows as it makes the other orbs change into yellow charging up. She summons out a magic circle with the sign for thunder below her feet as it starts crackling up electricity around her. There, it follows up over her head as the staff releases a orb of static energy and moves toward the staff and bounces off from the staff with full force which hits the target by exploding, sending off a loud shock onto the target.

This attack can be sensitive to anyone's hearing which the orb of static is loud enough to burst. This can weaken the targets or killing it instant depending how much Tejina puts it with force against her staff by swinging it. It also can become stronger when Kyokkai is awaken.

Power of Jemuiki! Tejina Cast up * Cosmic: *
The brooch's gems glows up as it opens to reveal her crystal. The crystal shines as it reveals Jemuiki and enters into Miyabita's body forming the black wings in her back as it encases her and explodes by small feathers as her bodice is formed. There, she raises her hands as the feathers circles around them forming into her gloves and hovers down circling her feet forming her boots. She twirls around as the feathers circles around her waist forming the skirt and bow until the feathers are blown over to her hair and head changing her hair color and forming into a ponytail with a headpiece. The screen focuses on her face as the symbol of Jemuiki appears on her forehead and opens her eyes with a serious look as she poses with her hands spread out from behind her back and right leg forward.

Entity of fortification! Pacification Nullify
A defensive move. Tejina's brooch glows in an chaorite color with her hands cradle over the brooch with her eyes closed. Her hands summons a violet ball of energy as she spins around three times. Over the third spin, her hands are spread out as the glowing energy expands over to her head releases its power with her eyes opened of a glow. The energy showers Tejina into a violet glowing aura.

This move is the true source of Jemuiki's power. It stops magic or physical attacks upon Tejina. The defense fades quickly over a minute since Tejina's level isn't fully unlocked.

Ebony Void
A offensive attack. Tejina summons a magic circle below her feet as her back sprouts out black wings. She hovers as her hands are spread out in the front with magic summoning out the Astral Wisdom. She spins around couple of time while twirling the staff as it gathers a violet glow from the orb. With the last spin, she lifts the staff as the glowed orb powered up and twirls it fast aiming downward to the ground. The glow changes into violet-black ribbons of darkness raising from the ground into the target and wraps them, trapping them inside as a condensed orb and explodes.

This is a dark move for Tejina and is used with the new weapon "Astral Wisdom". As the daughter of Azurite/Kidate, hidden power within awakens her to use its horrific power. This attack is based on Tejina to choose the fate of her enemies life as it drains them,thus instant kills them.

Chosen of Fate! Tejina Rise up * Unmei *
A glow summons the brooch as the gem shines in a circle to the middle of the crystal, shining into a violet light summoning a magic circle with her symbol on the ground and appearing on her forehead. The violet light explodes into black wings encasing her body and opens with her bodice formed. She turns around with her arms spread with black feathers circling around to form the sleeves and gloves. Soon, it goes down to her feet circling around upward to her waist forming her shoes and the skirt. It zooms in right angle from behind with the feathers circling her hair making it longer and into a different hairstyle clipped and zooms back to her face adding her accessories and make up. There, she opens her eyes as she turns one last time with the wings vanished by making her pose.

My vision declares your demise! Oracle Gisei
Tejina's visions shows her the fate upon the enemies punishment as she starts chanting her phrase. The background shows over black feathers circling a violet light revealing the rod from the past "Majikuu's Despair". The rod hovers onto Tejina's hands as it extends it into a staff as she twirls it couples times until its behind her back as her right hand summons a magic circle of "doom" over the enemies feet. Her eyes change into glare glance as the weapon twirls furiously and slams it on the ground unleashes reddish black energy coming out and directly heading for the target. As the it hovers from their feet, the energy bursts into a aggressively wave of energy and instantly tortures rapid combos from the inside or outside.

This attack is strong and it works depending on Tejina's vision. The vision senses on the target's energy level and uses it against them for their punishment. The attack releases unknown power that tortures her target's and kills them off within seconds until theirs nothing left of them.
Profile: Sailor Tejina
Finally!!!!! Her profile is finished.....
This one has took a very long time to work on and now I'm happy happy it's completed.

Some parts are missing from her profile and that will be added very soon.....

Sailor Tejina is mine
Aruto Knight belongs to :iconsolarmiko:
Cover: Sailor Tejina by MahouChikara
Cover: Sailor Tejina
Here is Sailor Tejina's cover.

This one includes a head shot along with her name and symbol.
I'm hopefully that I can try for the rest for the girls.

I will very soon post up her profile.
But for the meantime, will work on the remaining different appearances of Tejina's civilian attires...

Sailor Tejina is mine
Background (c) :iconcaboulla:
Unmei Sailor Tejina by MahouChikara
Unmei Sailor Tejina
Here is Tejina's final form and is called "Unmei".

This is basically her eternal form and I personally am in love with this. Her appearance has dramatically changed throughout her previous forms and this one has the combination between her past and future self.
Here in this form, you can see her crystal otherwise known as the "Onseishu" on her chest. The crystal is shaped in a carnation and is her brooch for this form.

She has features that presents the princess side of her past and then her queen self in the future. This form is powerful and stronger than her Cosmic form, and this equals to that of her queen self. In this form, she's redeemed her problems and guilt by learning to accept her fate. Before, she was afraid and now shows proof that she has what it takes to accept the fate and will predict their fates by defeating her demise and despair, or by saving to prevent it.

In this form, she calls worth the weapon "Majikuu's Despair" that once originally belong to her grandmother Queen Ametrine who then passed it down to her aunt Queen Aaffeite. The weapon itself determines the person's fate by her decision or choice.

Unmei Sailor Tejina is mine
Background (c) :iconmagical-mama:
Ribbon Candy Rod by MahouChikara
Ribbon Candy Rod
This is the first time making a prop to include with the Confectionist Indigo costume. I'm very proud on how it came out seeing that it took me few days before the convention to make.

I did the pieces separately on each day to make sure it kept it in place. The hardest part was attaching both the stick and the star together since couple of times it didn't harden. So I had to be extremely careful handling it for taking pictures.

The materials I use to make it were:

* Wood stick
* Duct tape ( indigo and multiple colors)
* Cotton balls
* Glitter ( gold and light blue)
* Cardboard
* Strings ( pink, light blue, and light green)
* Gold stars
* Hot glue and clear tape

Confection Cuties and its design belongs to :iconmagical-mama:
RD: Chikara by MahouChikara
RD: Chikara
Yay!!! She's finally back and updated with some new looks onto her outfit.

This is my baby Chikara who I created since high school. Throughout the years, I had the simple basic colors on her.
Now, she's revamped with some parts are added and her weapon has changed to be more suitable for her.

In the story "Risen Disturbances", Chikara is the only daughter to the great sages Saishi and Hanako. She prefers to be called by her nickname "Chi" and she's a highly intelligent individual.
During school, students always called her "ms know-it-all, smarty or the teacher's pet." She also has a huge memory capacity that she'll remember very spell in the books. At the young age, around 10 years old, friends with a young boy named Inari Kitsumaro. To him, she's the childhood friend and upon her parents setting an arranged marriage between the two once they become older. Chikara is Saishi's daddy's little girl, she can be naive about her situation. Later on, the two separated after making a promise to each other.

* More backstory about her very soon *

Chikara is mine
Background (c) :iconmagical-mama:


Loves Leucetios :3
United States
My name is Alexandra a.k.a Chikara; and I love to make friends here.

Current Residence: Home
Favourite genre of music: Anime or Video Game Songs
Favourite photographer: None
Favourite style of art: Blank Editing and Pixeling
Operating System: PS 3
MP3 player of choice: I-pod
Shell of choice: Turtle
Wallpaper of choice: Any Anime or Video Game Characters
Skin of choice: Light Tan
Personal Quote: "I will find a way to be with my bf."
Today I'm going to my 2nd convention here in South Carolina.
My first one previously as Nashi Con for my honeymoon, and now i'm going to Bonzai Con with my husband for three days.

I'll be trying my best to take pictures and post them here. And yes, I'll be cosplaying as Confectionist Indigo again for this and i'm finally happy to add a new thing to the cosplay; her weapon "Ribbon Candy Rod".
I'll see what can do; like taking a picture with a rod itself and them with myself with it in full wear.

In two weeks, I'll be heading down to Miami to spend Thanksgiving with my family, so in the meantime I'll be busy for the remaining two weeks.

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