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Queen Ayase + King Genji by MahouChikara
Queen Ayase + King Genji
The Mozouiki rulers; Queen Ayase and King Genji

Ayase is known to be the tough woman in her planet and shows it with pride. She knew from the beginning when she was young with her mother, Ayase had skills of a fierce fighter and puts it with good use by complicated training. Her mother knew very clearly that Ayase wanted to outstand her impossible skills and gives her daughter a good competition. At the end, she was stunned but happy that her daughter has what it takes until that day has finally happen.

Ayase went with her mother to Tejina where she met the ruler; Queen Ametrine and her daughter Princess Tsurai. Things were looking bright for Ayase when she realize from the queen herself that she's chosen to be her guardian to Tsurai and was happy, vowing to please the queen that she'll be the best till the end. From there on, Ayase and Tsurai became fast friends and even done some proper training together. 

As Ayase matured, things are really good on her future as she completed her far impossible training that she transformed for the first time as a senshi of her planet. She wanted to earn that title the hard way seems her mother was supportive about it since her daughter's birth that she is worthy to become a senshi. Ayase wanted to continue even further with new techniques and training to learn about the power she's gifted at a young age. Ayase has reached tough obstacles with the new training and competing that she's given and despite from all of it, her emotions have shifted when she's confronted with her opponent; a young man carrying a spear.

The two collided with a solid match with even skills as it lead Ayase to get distracted by his masculine features which lead to her defeat. She congratulated him by the winning match as the two never stopped looking at each other as he introduces his name, Genji. Days passed by, Ayase wanted to see Genji more as she was accompanied by her male canine; Touketsu and had her chance when she sees him again but this time he was there with Mizu; his female canine. The two were so to each other as well as of their pets have gotten along as Ayase and Genji would train together as their canines watch. It was a good day as Ayase rest on Genji's shoulders after their training which lead to their first kiss together. She knew from that day on that she found her partner, her future husband.

Her mother had given her blessing for her daughter to marry the love of her life and threw a grand celebration in their honor. Also with this grand occasion, her mother passes over the crown to her daughter as queen of Mozouiki which makes Ayase's husband Genji a king. He is proud of his title and wanted nothing more to make his wife happy with a new chapter in their life. Years went on, Ayase had three sons with Genji and one year later she gave birth to a daughter named Urra. She was blissful with her daughter as she felt that her daughter holds the starseed which she's chosen to be a senshi. Ayase grew up as a strong, fierce queen with a good life with her loving husband and four children. Her three sons were very dashing and handsome like their father but stayed home with their father with training as warriors while Ayase took Urra to meet with Queen Tsurai at the time of the birth of Tsurai's daughter Iathea. To much of her daughter's surprise, that she's chosen to be the guardian to Iathea.

She's happy that Urra has made a friend with Iathea and the other princess but still isn't comfortable around the teikaen princess Yhena's behavior around her. Until something went wrong as she was called once again to be with Tsurai's side. She says goodbye to her husband and sons as Urra went along with her mother but was with Iathea and the others. Meanwhile, Ayase's sons defended Mozouiki from an invader who reveals herself as Rixea. Rixea laid upon the disaster which took control of the canines to attack the princes which led them in critical injuries and manipulated the three into the throne room where Genji was. One by one were defeated when they fought their father and regain their senses which made Rixea leaving no choice but to kill the guys and vanishes back to her master and shiftly lures Urra which lead to the princess's demise. Before her death, Urra finds out that Yhena has a thing for her and never got to heard what she has going to say which was her true feelings. The duo canines whimpered their way to the room and died alongside with them. Their souls left to be with Ayase's side where she hears the truth of what happened to her beloved planet and family. As a result, she went into rage with the spear in hand of Koutseu's soul created to fight Kidate. But at the end, Ayase was killed alongside with the others leaving Tsurai alone.

Her starseed was then transfer into the Mahoushiu where Tsurai uses as a last attempt to defeat Kidate and succeeded. All does they know that he'll return and as a last bit of resort, Ayase left behind her remaining power into her daughter to be reborn.

Ayase and Genji (c) :iconmahouchikara:
Sailor Senshi Maker by :icondolldivine: & Drachea Rannak
Royal Princess: Princess Asuka by MahouChikara
Royal Princess: Princess Asuka
Meet her highness; Princess Asuka....
This is her official dress as its clearly very different than her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.
Like a Tejinan royal, Asuka can use the power of the Mahoushiu to her advantaged when she need to.

Her actual name is Miyu "Miu" Kuchiku and was born from the love of her parents, Iathea and Aruto. Asuka is her royal name and is addressed in the palace or in special occasions. When she isn't in the palace, she would often go to school like a normal girl, that's something what her mother wanted that her own mother would of had when she herself was young. Miyu was a loving girl and free-spirited. She shares a lot of love from her parents and showers it to others with a friendly gesture. Despite that she's the only child and direct heir of the royal family, Miyu shares characteristic traits from both sides. Much to Iathea's happiness, not only does her daughter holds the starseed of Tejina and carries the next generation, but to her surprise that Miyu wants to do something different than the staff passing wielder.

Miyu is athletic and enjoys her classes until during physical education where they were having an archery try out session. There, she mumbled to herself to her friends that she wanted to give it a shot as others tried to shoot it in the center. When it was her turn, Miyu shoots the arrow directly which to her surprise the arrow engulfs into an specific element towards the bulls-eye. Classmates were stunned to see what had happened and questioned Miyu how she did it. She tries not to reply the truth but knows that others can see through her lies; something of her mother's bad habits. Confused and concerned, Miyu kept it a secret by not wanting to worry her parents. Miyu heads home with a friend as she was called by her mother.

Like the usual, Miyu tells her parents how she did during school until she nervously tries not to mention the try outs which eventually was spilled which made Iathea concerned alittle. Miyu couldn't handle the secret anymore and confessed on what happened. Her mother comforted her that everything is going to be alright. Iathea realized that this is the perfect time for her daughter to learn about her lineage. To Miyu's surprise, she was amazed to listen from her mother's words and somehow felt the confidence to practice harder into her powers she has. Iathea discussed with her husband Aruto on how handle the solution for Miyu.

Much to Miyu's curiosity, she was called in by her father and offered to help his daughter. Every moments, Miyu enjoyed the learning and guidance from her father with her own personal set of bow and arrows to practice. Their were numerous times she would try her hardest and every time the arrows engulfed in a different element when she shoots them. This alone makes her nervous and listening from her father's advice, she relaxes until she perfectly shoots an normal arrow for once. She felt happy about it and tells her father that she wants to keep going with it. Ever since then, she would practice enough until she's finally ready to focus on her powers directly within the arrow.

She also can turn into a senshi; just like her mother. Miyu transforms with a different kind of item than her mother's armlet.
Her main choice of weapon is a bow and arrow like her father. She can direct her focus of an particular element she wants to cast within the arrow for her to shoot. Her standard bow she uses can transform into a much stronger one with the help of a new friend/companion later on which can unleash an signature attack.

Iathea, Miyu/Asuka (c) :iconmahouchikara:
Aruto belongs to :iconsolarmiko:
Sailor Senshi Maker by: :icondolldivine: & Drachea Rannak
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Seems that I won't be doing it this year due to some of my family isn't too well. My mom is getting worse, but is trying to get better.
Some holiday this is turning out to be for me. But oh well might as well try to celebrate as much as I can.
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Queen Samana + King Suzaku by MahouChikara
Queen Samana + King Suzaku
Meet the rulers of Teikaen.....
Queen Samana and King Suzaku..

Samana loved her kingdom and the world itself filled with entertainment. Samana is likely the outgoing type but with a feisty personality. When Queen Ametrine was ruled, Samana was called forth by the queen herself stating that she's one of the four rightful candidates to be the guardian for her daughter; Princess Tsurai. She was happy with the outcome and in time becomes good friends with the princess. During her days once she ascended the throne as Queen Samana, she wanted to explore more of her planet with new things to make it a better place.

When her friend Tsurai became queen, she was there to cheer her on during the competition of suitors. But their are times that words are left without saying and Samana knew all to well to not say her friend was doubly wrong, but want to see her happy.

As an inspiring ruler, Samana would go on charities and helping her people in anyway she can. Not only is she queen, but also an exotic dancer and performer. During the night, she'll throw carnivals all around with an performance. She was loved by everyone until she met her future husband; Suzaku. Suzaku was with his family at the time to enjoy the fun until he had his eyes on the stunning woman on stage. There, they would have countless meetings with one another until it got serious. Many times, Samana would accompanied with Suzaku in his kingdom where the two enjoy each other's accompany which led to Samana to give Suzaku a kiss. Romance between the two were beautiful until Suzaku decided to propose to Samana in the garden. Samana said yes to his proposal with a stunning gold ring with crusted rubies and a big sunstone in the middle. Samana was happy to meet him and that this is the one she wants to be with forever.

Samana and Suzaku were married with an lavish wedding on Teikaen with exotic performances. It was perfect for the Teikaen queen with her king. Years passed with a happy marriage, that Samana told Suzaku that she's pregnant with their first child and was the happiest moment for them to start a family. In months, Samana continues through her duties until the special day when her child would be born. The day has finally come as Suzaku was with her as she gives birth to their child; a daughter whom they named Yhena. As a royal, Yhena is princess and holds the starseed of her planet. Days passing by as young teikaen princess had a happy life with her parents. They were even present of Samana's friend Queen Tsurai's birth of her daughter Iathea.

When that day finally came to the point where Queen Samana was needed to be by her friend Tsurai's side and the others face to face with Kidate. While this was happening, Suzaku protected the planet with his life was destroyed and was murdered by his half brother; Hikada. Samana felt hopeless and devastated by the loss of her husband, her kingdom and the newest news; her own daughter. In battle, Samana transformed as Teikaen alongside with her friends to fight Kidate, but was eventually killed. Nearing the downfall on Tejina, Samana's starseed was transferred inside the Mahoushiu as a last resort to put a end of Kidate and succeeded. With its remaining power left, was transferred in Yhena along with the planet's entity Enkou, where she was reborn on Earth with the rest of the others.

Samana and Suzaku (c) :iconmahouchikara:
Sailor Senshi Maker by :icondolldivine: & Drachea Rannak
Villian: Mayosa by MahouChikara
Villian: Mayosa

The last of Kidate's servants and the youngest....


This is Mayosa.....



Mayosa isn't what you think when meeting this young girl. Before she became evil, she was once a sweet girl living with her devoting mother in a distant planet. From time things were going great on the girl's life and everything changed. Chaos began when an mysterious guy came and beginning to unleash monsters onto the planet while everyone was asleep. When this is all happening, he quietly sneaked into the room where Mayosa was sleeping and grabbed the girl as the two shifted into the portal.

At the end, Mayosa's mother woke up to check her daughter and became distraught and panicked to find her. As she heads out, people were screaming in agony as she sees the horror of them going against each other. She was briefly caught off guard by strange looking monsters as they attack and tries to use her powers to send it away. Mayosa wakes up and was shocked that she isn't in her room but inside the guy's chamber. Disturbed of seeing the room itself, she struggles to break free as she realizes that she's binded. The guy was so fixated onto her, that she often tries to distract him with something to snap him out, but quickly learned that he isn't likely to be fooled or play around with her nonsense.

She felt being violated when he's close to her or his touches which makes her uneased. More she tries to talk him to stop, the more he ignores her feelings and continues to press forward. She screamed, cried for hours as she felt being sexually raped by him. Day by day, he continues as she felt like she couldn't stop him and just gave in. Everytime this happens, she would see his true self and gifts her with his powers. This unknown power flowing inside her causes a confusion and sees that he's disappeared. As she's about to leave, a small kitsune flies over and their was a small stare between the two. Mayosa's sweet memories started to fade and being replaced with the worst possible ones, which causes the change the color of her eyes and her outfit.

When she returns home, she was greeted by her emotional mother. She runs over to hug her daughter, but felt being hurt and bounced back. Concerned and devestated, she calls out to Mayosa as she notice the monsters shifted into kistunes as it circles around her. Briefly calling out many times, Mayosa hardly recognizes her mother anymore and ignores her words and gives the commands to the kitsunes to killed her. To her actions after doing it, she didn't felt remorse as seeing her critically wounded and stabbed her daughter and dies. The kitsunes gathered around the girl, hearing a voice in a far galaxy to give her a new life. They transferred their energy to the girl as she fades.

Now with Kidate's awakening, Mayosa was offered a life when she was created to be resurrected. Now she was given a task to take the kingdom of Kyokkai down, but had some help by an familiar kitsune but grown up and given a name by Kidate; Ruri. As she ascends to the kingdom, Ruri worked his powers by drawing off the source of the planet which the remaining left was transferred to the Kyokkai's ruler, Queen Zula, as Mayosa heads to the throne room. There, she sees the Kyokkai's princess, Zaara, alone and knows all to well to fight the introder. To Mayosa, its not a joke as she makes her first move and was losing. Ruri hears the girl's calling and heads in direct on Princess Zaara and makes the first strike. He pursades Zaara into giving up but hestitates into fleeing by teleporting herself to the Mahousei kingdom. The two follows in as Ruri drags Zaara into the room where the trio went on to a fight.

Things have gotten messy as Zaara wasn't going to run away but felt to try protecting her team mates with the last bit of her power which pervail. But realizing this will never end and succumbs where Ruri broked free and kills the princess before vanishing. Mayosa returns to Kidate recieving the news he wanted to hear until she was caught off guard by the Tejinan princess; Iathea as Tejina. The two went on as Kidate and concerned Tsurai watched and the end Mayosa had no other choice by to use her deadly move which as a result killing Iathea. Mayosa sees this strong energy coming from the queen as she uses the Mahoushiu's power to destroy Kidate and sealed into the depths, and as for Mayosa, she was sealed alongside with the others.

Now reborn once again, she's determined to take the Superus down with guidances of Kidate and the other servants.


Mayosa is young and gets full guidance. In the group, she portrays herself like a sisterly type to Hikada and Shikyo, and sees Rixea as a mother figure to her. She's still exploring her unknown power that she recieved from that mysterious guy who disappeared. At the time, Shikyo would bond with the girl and strategizes her developing powers into something greater. Mayosa doesn't like to fight alone and always fight together alongside with Ruri. Her personality is somewhat mysterious and yet a quick learner for her young age.


Mayosa (c) :iconmahouchikara:
Sailor Senshi Maker by :icondolldivine: & Drachea Rannak





Loves Leucetios :3
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My name is Alexandra a.k.a Chikara; and I love to make friends here.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Seems that I won't be doing it this year due to some of my family isn't too well. My mom is getting worse, but is trying to get better.
Some holiday this is turning out to be for me. But oh well might as well try to celebrate as much as I can.
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